Something Rises - Poetry written and performed
Something Rises Poetry
"When we let go, something larger and deeper rises through us.  When we struggle to not let go, this mysterious something - which people call God, Spirit or simply Life - rises anyway.  It just makes us very uncomfortable."  Majo 
I have, over the last several years, received so much enthusiastic and heart-warming responses to my poetry and poetry performances – including many descriptions of the meaning and impact they have had for people’s lives – that I have been inspired to make my poetry more available to people.  I am doing this in three ways: 
  1. My new poetry book - Something Poems: Jubilee Poems          (Order the book)
  2. Commissioned poems for yourself or the special people in your life.
  3. Poetry performances for your special occasions - birthdays, weddings, memorial services or other special events.

    Life instructs, coaches, supports, loves
    In whispers and touches
    Gentle, minimal
    Alas, I am busy
    I want Life to grasp me hard
    As I struggle to grasp it