Something Rises - About Majo
Something Rises - Poetry written and performed
Majo is a poet, writer, speaker, teacher, consultant, personal coach and professional dog walker who lives in Asheville, NC. 
Under the stage name of John Madden, Ph.D., he has previously worked as a clinical psychologist and a Fortune 500 organization development consultant and diversity specialist.
"Majo's poems are so real that they hit people where they live – even people who don’t generally like poetry."  Maya Joelle Aubry
The Muse
I have been lying in the grass
In this lovely park too long
Writing poetry
Undermining order
Opening a vortex of creative chaos
In the center of suburban manicured tranquility
Two cruisers were dispatched
(“I may need back-up”)
To ascertain the source and depth of this disturbance in the force
“Someone called in about you”
(“What did they say?” I think)
“We have a poet in the park
He surrenders to the Muse
He may be vulnerable and open to whatever
Please protect him
While the goddess of poetry holds him in her grip”
They said to the dispatcher
Or something like that