Something Rises - Poetry written and performed
I feel honored and especially gratified when I have the chance to write a special poem for a special person.  Call me to talk about the poem you want for yourself or for someone you love.
 "For a commisioned poem, I
interview my client about the topic, themes and mood (serious? playful? poignant?) that this topic evokes. 
"Then - and I don't know exactly how this happens - the Muse always delivers a poem that speaks to my client, and myself."
 "When I recruited Majo to write and perform an original piece for my large Thanksgiving party, I wasn't sure that anything fresh and creative could be added on the topic of gratitude - but Majo did it.  Even my fairly sophisticated guests found his words very thought-provoking - they took us right to the heart of what the celebration was all about." Ron English
"Majo wrote a beautiful poem for me while I was in the process of remodeling an old house to make into my new home.  The poem, called 'Homebody', expanded what seemed like an overwhelming experience into a much broader sense of what home really is."  Margaret Averyt
 "For my 80 birthday, Majo wrote a poem for me titled "Lion In Winter". I love the image and the suggestion of strength and sagacity as well as the suggestion of being (still!) a work in progress. And, above all, the overall focus on the inner me." Monty Berman
(For Margaret, in her new home)
Margaret has a sense of place
All the wonderful places she has lived and been and loved
She keeps her friends and keeps them well
Close to her heart, that marvelous organ of light
Home is important to her, always has been
She creates home wherever she is
Her heart and soul are way in front of her head
Which is magical in its own bright way
Today she digs deeper than she ever has
Deep in her new home, deep in her heart
Creates the home for now, right here
It is not easy, surrendering to the vision
Of who she is to be, what her home wants to be
She surrenders with a passion
Throws her psychic comfort to the winds
Margaret’s soul is larger than any house
But she creates one that will not slow her down
Except to give her comfort, peace
And a warm, sweet place for her self
And her bigger Self, reflected in the many
Sweet souls she loves, and who love her in return.
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