Something Rises - Poetry written and performed
Majo can be reached at
        Phone:  828-582-9822
        Postal:  585 Avery Creek Rd.
                   Arden, NC 28704
"These poems feed me: when I am rehearsing a poem for performance, it almost always tells me that which I most need to hear - it heals me.  People tell me that my poems have had a similar effect on them.  I'd love to hear from you which poems have affected you, where they took you.  I promise to reply to your email." 
Unstuck, if not unglued
The heavy doldrums of this part
Of my midlife
Swept away, graciously
If not gracefully
I stand on the prow
And take the rushing winds bravely
If not elegantly
What next?
I have only fragments of clues
I smile gamely
If not calmly
Bring it on
"Majo offers up exquisite three-dimensional incantations that resonate in our hearts long after the reading. Sometimes edgy and often mystical, his articulations tantalize and stir our imagination, widen our perspective both of ourselves and of our world. His eloquence and sincerity call us closer to the realization of our full potential." 
Ken LaDeroute