Something Rises - Majo's poetry
Something Rises - Poetry written and performed
Majo John Madden's poetry explores the terrain of human experience from funny to poignant, despairing to triumphant, painful to full of joy.   No matter where you are in your personal and spiritual journey, this poetry will enrich and deepen your understanding of the people in your life - and of yourself. 
I have become possessed by poetry
It claims me
And whispers its healing words through me
And to me, if no one else
How opened I this whispering?
More like something I did not
And knowing not what
I am helpless to hold it to me
I surrender to the Muse’s rhythms
Aware that she will leave me as she came
Though the places she gripped will still remain
"Majo has a way of reaching out and touching the raw humanity of life and making it palatable for us all. His poetry touches your heart and soul and allows you to feel that which you may have thought you once lost."  Tina Lipscomb