Something Rises - Poetry performances
Something Rises - Poetry written and performed
"Poetry is meant to be performed: it wants lights, sound, action.  The right poem, powerfully (or playfully) performed, can add depth, force or fun to your special event: a birthday, wedding, memorial service - or any time you want to bring everyone together, for a moment that makes time stand still." 
Poem audios are on the "Who Am I?" and Photo Gallery 1 pages.  Call me to discuss how my poems can bring your occasion to life.
"I love to perform - in skits, plays, dances...whatever.  I want  to be in front of people and to make something special happen. 
"But I especially love to perform my poems.  I don't read or recite poems: if I can't throw my voice and body at the words, they don't come to life.  I work with the audience - we create the magic moment together."

 "I was at a memorial service where Majo performed 'Life...and more life'.  It was beautiful, haunting, comforting - perfect."
Mya Lamoore
"'I Want To Give You Space' says so much of what Joan and I wanted to say to each other at our wedding - it's a wonderful wedding poem."  Al Schlimm

"For couples who want their wedding readings to be elegant, tender but not cliche - Majo is the man.  His graceful and insightful words make a beeline for the heart." Howard Hanger
Dancing in the Supermarket Parking Lot
My friend is late to meet me
In the Ingles parking lot
Neil Young, on my new-to-me CD
Is rocking “Cowgirl in the Sand”
12 minutes worth
On my 7-speaker car stereo
The early spring, early evening
Blazes light
And the lot is filled with space
And I just gotta dance
"Majo is one 'to the point' poet, with an always direct, unsweetened and very insightful perception of life. I have laughed, cried and risen to my feet in response to his cleverly crafted accounts of the mundane and the spiritual."  Paula Hanke 
All photos courtesy of Sandy Swanson