Something Rises - Something Rises (2009)
Something Rises - Poetry written and performed
"Through dead-pan humor, Majo makes self-deprecation into an art-form, yet his poems go beyond that to become deep explorations of the very human Self.  Majo invites his audience to walk ahead with a disarming shrug, often through the dark, and sometimes through to a shimmering, sublime and empty light." Lynn Morgan Rosser
Something Rises:
Jubilee Poems (2009)
In Leviticus Ch.25, the Jubilee was the year when all debts were forgiven.  Fredrick Douglas proclaimed that the year after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation was “The Year of Jubilee”. The fundamental message underlying these poems – many of which describe and express our human journey through darkness as well as light – is one of hope and joy…jubilant.
I went to the beach this morning
Caked with the dirt of my life
And of my ancestors.
The gray sky reflected
The despair of my soul.
The beach was covered with fresh snow
All its detail and edge cloaked
In a mantle of brilliant color
Or lack of color
Unimaginably bright in this dark time. 
I quietly slipped under the snow
And wore it home.

Something Rises: Jubilee Poems
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